As Missoula anticipates both the 3D Titanic re-release (and of course, our very own Titanic Dinner) it might be fun to look back on the 3-hour epic and all of its glory, and some of its unintentional bloopers.

It's surprising to us that the movie with one of the biggest budgets in history didn't have someone to double-check for mistakes and blunders. Titanic clocks in with a reported 222 movie mistakes, goofs, bloopers and blunders.

Let's take a look at a few of our favorites according to Titanic Universe:

1. The Titanic’s middle propeller is a Parson’s steam turbine, which means that it ran off the steam from the other two engines. This meant that it would only engage when the ship was at full steam and couldn’t be used to maneuver in port. This means that it would not have been running as the ship embarked from dock like depicted in the film.

2. When Captain Smith orders, “Take her to sea, Mr. Murdoch – let’s stretch her legs,” they are on the right of the wheelhouse with sun coming from the left. When Murdoch walks into the wheelhouse, the sun is behind him.

3. A close-up of captain Smith shows that he is actually wearing contact lenses.

4. Near the end of the movie, once the ship nearly vertical, a man sliding down hits one of the capstans and bends it, showing that it is made of rubber.

5. The length of Rose’s fingernails change dramatically throughout the movie

6. The world map on the wall of the radio room shows countries with present-day borders.

For even more Titanic fun, check out some behind the scenes video outtakes: