This was crazy. For me, it was all of my favorite passions rolled into one very special night. 

The Night of the Griz 5k was a seriously life affirming moment for me, personally. And if you have been following my story, you know that this is what I've been dreaming of seeing for so long in downtown Missoula.

For years, I've seen one amazing band after another incredible band play on stage in Caras Park all the while imagining what it could be like to have a full-on EDM festival style atmosphere in the same location...

I've also dreamed of combining my recent love for fitness into the mix with things like DJing for BoxFit classes, marathons and boot camps into such an event. That night I saw exactly what I dreamed of, and it was everything I imagined it would be.

Neon everywhere for miles. Incredible stage lighting that shot up into the sky. The most amazing sound system I've ever played on. People replacing their beer bottles with water bottles and sweating for all the right reasons. This was it for me. Heaven.

Aaron Traylor

I'm still pinching myself!