Sometimes it just takes the smallest things to make your day great. I realized this yet again this past Sunday when my wife got home from visiting with her mom in Spokane for a quick girls trip. Savannah's mom drove in from the Seattle area and Savannah drove from Lolo to just enjoy some time together. While of course I missed my wife, I was watching the Griz game on Saturday so I am glad she got to go have some fun.

When she returned I was excited to see my wife but she also brought me a small gift, that actually came from her mom, Seahawks Socks! It may not seem like a big deal, it's just three pairs of socks but it was such a nice thing to do. And lets be real, there is nothing better than putting on a new pair of socks. Maybe it was because my football teams were doing horrible, but getting shoes socks were the highlight of my Sunday, and made my day great!


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