Our news feed on Facebook is trickling with sightings of the Taylor Swift tour bus cruising through the Missoula area. Does this mean that Taylor is near our town?

Let's puts the facts together first...

Here's one of the better shots snapped nearby from Andy Shirtliff near Interstate 90 of the 1989 Would Tour Bus.

Andy Shirtliff, Facebook

Since then, there have been rumblings that the country-turned-pop star road crew was seen passing through the Missoula area. No sightings of the singer herself have been confirmed.

And also according to Pollstar, Taylor does have a show on Saturday in Vancouver B.C., and if the trucks were heading westbound like some of the photos indicate, then realistically her tour crew could be heading this direction....

Google Maps

Now again, in the connected world everyone seems to have have a story to tell, and it could be possible that Swift is visiting the area, but everything is speculative at this point. It also would make sense that with her hectic schedule she would likely use a jet to get anywhere to and from and let her roadies do the traveling on the highway.

Either way, one thing is for sure, Taylor Swift's tour bus is the only confirmed sighting we have so far. However, it would be so AWESOME if she paid Montana a visit at some point. Perhaps she could take a tip from recent Montana visitors Bono and Gwen Stefani?

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