I've been in a total of 3 car wrecks in Missoula. The most I've ever been in during all my driving years.  There are some seriously crazy drivers in this city. Could it be the fact that there are less people that live in this state to drive or because the roads between destinations are so long? Perhaps, but if my Montana road accident don't make you a bit more nervous when getting behind the wheel in our town, then this will...




According to The Daily Beast, Montana tops the charts of the United States Worst Drivers List:

1. Montana.
2. Wyoming
3. Missisipi
4. Arkansas
5. W.V
6. S.C.
7. Louisiana
8. Kentucky
9. N.D.
10. Wisconsin
11. Oklahoma
12. Alabama
13. S.D.
14. Tennessee
15. N.M
16. Idaho
17. Kansas
18. Missouri
19. Florida
20. Arizona
21. N.C.
22. TX
23. Georgia
24. Delaware
25. Iowa

There have been some terribly tragic accidents just within the past few days alone. Let's all work together as a community this new year to see if we can get our state of this list. What do think is the main reason that we made this list? What can we do to be better drivers?