Usually we consider the entire "red state vs. blue state" scenario as an lackluster effort to divide the nation....but, wowza. This recent report divides our nation even more than ever before.

A survey released by Gallup has scaled the American states from least religious to most. They measured if citizens were extremely religious by interviewing more than 300,000 people over 18 years-old on if religion was part of their day-to-day routine, and if they went to church frequently.

And the report varies from red to blue with little exception.

The most religious state in the country is Mississippi with nearly 60% quoted as saying that they are religious. Utah comes in second with 57%, 56% of people in Alabama, and Arkansas and South Carolina tie for fourth place with 54%.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Vermont and New Hampshire are the least religious. Maine is third-least at 25%, Massachusetts and Alaska are tied at 28% for fourth place.

Where does Montana land on this list? A little less religious than most, coming in at 35%