Looking back, I am still glad I ratted out this one DJ that worked for one of my previous radio stations. Dude was so shady. The things he did when the boss wasn't looking was the worst I had ever seen. He treated his listeners like garbage and never worked a minute while on the clock.

One month, I did a tally of all the stuff he did, writing down the things that were against the employee handbook. By the time week #2 rolled out, I ran out of paper in my notepad! Problem is, he was buddy-buddy with some of the higher ups and I was the one who ended up fired in the end. 

Still, I occasionally will check up on him from a distance to see that he finally cleaned his act up and I know that my tattle tailing was a direct result of maturity. Someday I'll reach out to him again just to see if he holds any bad blood, which he probably does. I was kind of jerk for doing that. No matter, employees really should play by the rules! Right?

Today, I'll ask "Is It a Bad Idea to Rat Out an Employee?"