I love stories like this. It reminds us of the time that Santa's little helper swooped into town to pay off layaway items at our Brooks street K-Mart. This anonymous donation, however, can certainly help towards a brighter future for many area students. 

According to our friends at KPAX, "An anonymous donor is putting more than 140 iPads into the hands of Paxson Elementary School students and on Thursday night students, parents and teachers explored how the tablets can enhance learning and engage students."

Seriously. How cool is that? Imagine being able to interact with students on a much more current media platform? Plus, it also gives mom and dad a chance to have their own iPads to themselves (admit it, your iPad really is THEIR iPad, right?) .

I remember how excited I was when I was issued one of those bulky scientific calculators for my high school math class. As a young kid, with such a powerful device I felt empowered and able to take on any arithmetic problem that was thrown my way. How long was recess? 15 minutes? Cool..how many seconds is that? BAM! Solved. How many ounces in a cup of cafeteria macaroni? BAM! I can only imagine how an iPad would rock my younger years in school. And the fact that someone came along and donated 140 of them to a local school makes this story all the sweeter.

To whomever that anonymous donator was: you, my friend, have earned your place right next to Steve Jobs in the afterlife, rightfully so. First things first, however, for the sake of the children's attention span, we must find a way to disable Angry Birds.