Rumors are rife on the internet that Colorado School of Mines head coach Bob Stitt will be named the new head football coach at Montana sometime today or tomorrow.

The Helena Independent Record reported over the weekend that Stitt will be Montana’s 37th head football coach. KGVO News contacted UM athletic director Kent Haslam on Friday regarding the rumor, and received a message that no announcement would be made over the weekend.

When asked about the explosion of rumors on twitter and other social media, Haslam messaged “There has not been a hire, and it won’t happen over the weekend. One tweet and everyone thinks it’s done. We only announce something when everything is finalized and contracted. That’s how it has to be.”

KGVO News will stay on top of the story and report the new hire if and when it occurs.

The new coach will replace Mick Delaney, who retired after Montana’s loss to Eastern Washington last week.