This is not a news flash… We all know texting and driving is a big no no. What about texting and walking? With so many apps and such amazingly large cell phone screens, who wouldn’t pay attention to the awesome-ness coming through that gadget in your hand?!

Some researchers at Ohio State University decided to see if cell use while walking was a problem. While I don’t believe the numbers are startling, they seemed to think so.

“More than 1,500 pedestrians were estimated to be treated in emergency rooms in 2010 for injuries related to using a cell phone while walking…The number of such injuries has more than doubled since 2005…” Ohio State University Study.

In fact, researchers (and pedestrians) are waiting with baited breath to find out just how much that number has risen. (Just kidding…well sort of.)

“If current trends continue, I wouldn’t be surprised if the number of injuries to pedestrians caused by cell phones doubles again between 2010 and 2015,” said Jack Nasar, co-author of the study.

Read the entire study here.

Ok… Admit it… Have you tripped, run into a post or walked off the side walk while you were texting while walking? Clearly, you are one of the unreported. Perhaps soon, Missoula will pass a law banning texting while walking… It could be hazardous to the health of those around us… Ridiculous? You tell me.