Austin Long misses his best friend. Missoula's Alexander Pak died last summer due to a tragic drowning accident, and rather than simply attend the funeral and clip the obituary from the newspaper to remember him, Austin is on a mission to assist Alex with his unfinished dream.

Before Alex's passing the young Missoula boy wanted to cover his entire bedroom wall with Mountain Dew cans, in honor of his all-time favorite beverage. He almost reached the ceiling and unfortunately is no longer around to see to the finishing of his project. Austin is now asking for our help to complete the Mountain Dew wall in honor of his lost friend.

"The Mountain Dew wall has a bottom base of 120 cans, which is 20 cans in length and 6 cans in width" Austin described in a recent interview. Give or take, 600 cans would be all he needs to complete the wall. "I'll even wash out the cans and clean them up if people just want to drink them and send me the non-crushed cans." he said.

Hear Austin's heartfelt message in his recent radio interview here

It is Zoo FM's hope to reach out to bottle distributors, grocery stores, or even individuals who drink mass quantities of Mountain Dew so that they may be able to help donate towards this very thoughtful cause.

Contact Austin with your non-crushed Mountain Dew can donations by emailing him at or simply drop the cans off in a leak free bag to the studio located at 3250 S. Reserve Suite #200.

UPDATE 2/07: We put a call into the Pepsi Bottling Group in Missoula, and without hesitation the President of the local distribution plant graciously donated 600 cans to complete the wall. How amazing is that?!?