It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the KPAX news team. They are always a joy to watch each night, and their contributions to our community are unmatched. I've also learned that most of the staff at Missoula's CBS news affiliate are listeners of my radio show. We both have mutual admiration for each others work! Now let's see if we can all work together towards a common goal:

In honor of the cute and cuddly creatures of Missoula.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for journalistic integrity (although I rarely practice it myself) but I just want to see if perhaps we can get our local news celebrities, specifically lead anchor Jill Valley, to break from their professional routine news delivery if only just for a second to send a brief, subtle and subliminal message to her audience that she too cares for the pets in our community. We know she already does, but is she willing to make the sound of a cat on her nightly news program to prove it?

All I ask is that during the very last minute of tonight's 10:00pm KPAX newscast, Jill meows like a cat. Why? Why not! Oh, that and I have a $250 American Express Card that I'll donate to our local AniMeals No-Kill Adoption Center and Animal Food Bank if she does it. I'll never ask anything like this from her again, I just want to see if she pulls it off ("Honey? Is it me or did that newscaster on TV meow like a cat?" "Yeah, that WAS weird. Now, shhh..Letterman is on").

Extra credit points and a Costco-sized bag of cat food if Jill bathes herself like a newborn kitten. Ok, maybe that's pushing it..

Now, Jill, if perhaps you are reading this and might need some assistance with practicing for the perfect meow, I've provided this Youtube video of noisy kittens waiting for dinner:

Will Jill Valley, for just one night, be "Fur, Accurate, and To The Point"? I guess we will just have to wait and see tonight during the 10:00pm newscast on Missoula's channel 8.

Oh, and please, just so we don't disrupt this professional news team any further, no copycat challenges. (Get it? Copy-cats?)

Now, if only I can get sportscaster Derek Buerkle to chirp like a parakeet and weather girl Erin Yost to wiggle her nose like a bunny... Ok, now that's REALLY pushing it.