I'm not a bear but for some reason I seem to hibernate in the winter. Eat more comfort food and watch too much football on TV. I needed to find some sort of activity that made me leave the house and doesn't require too much time as I seem to always have something going on except Sundays, because those are football days.

Well I just signed up for something I have always enjoyed and it only takes a couple hours one day a week. I joined a Go Cart league at The Hub! Before I walked through the doors yesterday I was thinking I was too old for something like this, and that all the kids would perform much better than me. I was wrong! It was mostly hard working guys after work just trying to find a way to release stress without grabbing another beer. Of course, there were some kids that were speed demons. It was so much fun, I hadn't felt that competitive since I hung up my high school football pads ten years ago.

In the end, I wasn't even close to having the fastest time but I had so much fun and got away from sitting on the couch all night!