On average, most tax refunds in Missoula will average out to around $2,800. Dang! That’s some fat stacks right there. How will you spend it? We want to know! (Please don't say a night out at Stockmans, that's just immature.)

Our friends over at Capital One recently released the results of their survey displaying how most American’s will be blowing their wads of dough. See if your answer compares with the majority.

22% will use it to shave off some debt . . . 16% will stow it away in a bank . . . and 4% will invest it.  But at least 35% plan to spend ALL of it.  And here’s how . . .

30% will use the money on everyday expenses.  Do those guys know how to party or what?!?

23% will spend it on a vacation.

16% will spend it on clothes, shoes, or accessories.

15% will buy an iPad, TV, phone, or some other electronics.

–The rest will use it toward other major purchases

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