Jason Tupeck Photography

It is with much sadness that we report the passing of a local boy by the name of Tyler Hennes. After a very difficult battle with osteosarcoma for nearly 5 years, Tyler has recently found peace and can now finally have some much needed rest.

The story of how we met Tyler was an interesting one, and yet another reason why Missoula and the people in our community are the absolute best...

Back in April, we were asked by mutual friends to help Ty check off one of the items on his so-called "bucket list", that being a dance party for his friends. I personally remember getting the message about this while on a bus with patchy wi-fi on a trip to Wyoming. At first, as soon as my mind was set into motion on making this happen I had a feeling of helplessness...thinking that I'm so far away from town to make this happen swiftly! Realizing we had little time, I put just one message out to my family and friends on YouTube in hopes that it would reach our town from afar.

And it worked. Man, oh man, did it work...

The donations began POURING in. The plan took take shape with the help of many people I had never met, and some who were skilled in event planning. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, took the plan by the horns and just made it happen. In less than 48 hours we had practically everything we needed to ensure that the best possible dance party was waiting for Ty.

Jason Tupeck Photography

Without the help of the Missoula community dropping what they were doing at the time and selflessly donating money, resources and party favors I personally would not have been able to carry out the party the way it turned out. Sure, I could have brought speakers and lights to a small venue...but Ty deserved more. In fact, Ty got what could arguably be the biggest and best dance party for a young child in the history of our town. Intelligent lighting and enormous sound was donated, pizza and soda was piled on, and a venue of epic proportions (The Hub Family Entertainment Center) opened their doors to welcome Tyler.

Again, further proof that this community is second to none. This wasn't the first time Missoula has been so generous and it certainly will not be the last. I am proud of this town, and we know Tyler is too. Thank you all.