Red lipstick is a classic and will never go out of style. Most women don’t think they can don red lipstick, but as long as you choose the right shade, any woman can look gorgeous with rouge colored lips. Red is such a dramatic lip color that when you walk into a room, all eyes will be on you. Use these tips to confidently make a fashion impact.



Rule No. 1: The secret lies in the rest of your face


The trick is to go light on your eye makeup and a faint dusting of blush will do. Stick with mascara and steer clear of eyeliner.


Rule No. 2: Use Liner


Personally, I never use lip liner to line the inside of my lips, but I should get into the habit. I have only skipped this rule in the past because my favorite brand of lipstick doesn’t offer matching liners. Lining the lips keeps the lipstick from bleeding, which happens to me all the time. However, it seems to happen less if I powder around my mouth real well.


Rule No. 3: Pick the right color


Pink complexions look better in plum shades. Ladies with a little yellow rue to their skin are flattered by warmer reds that have a brown base. According to celebrity makeup artist Jemma Kidd, “A gorgeous color on almost everyone is MAC’s Blaze.”


Rule No 4: Don’t do red nails


Normally, you want to match your nails to your lips, but red is the exception. You can wear clear, dark or light colored nails, but never red nails with red lips.


Rule No. 5: Blend, blend, blend


Very few makeup artists apply red right out of the tube. They typically combine a few reds to get the perfect shade. This is helpful if you have purchased a red that is a smidge too bright, experiment by adding a darker shade and blend well.


Rule No. 6: If you are older, choose lighter shades


Our lips thin and loose collagen as we age, and darker shades of red only accentuate this issue. To avoid thin looking lips, either opt for a light rosy red, or just skip on the red altogether and instead apply a neutral shade and play up your eyes.


You can wear red lipstick any time of the year, but I think it looks best in the winter months. When you go shopping for red lipstick, you might get overwhelmed by all the choices, so just remember these rules and don’t be afraid to ask the makeup counter salesperson. Most likely, they can let you test out different colors right there before purchasing. Don’t forget to bring cotton swabs and makeup remover, to remove the color fully before trying on another. Another helpful tip is to apply and walk outside to view the color in natural light. All makeup varies in color depending on the light source. Get out there and show off!