If you tuned into the recent live broadcast of the Westminster Dog Show, and dreamed about those beautiful dogs just cuddling up next to you and kissing your face...off the top, weird. And also, this new research is right down your alley. (Oh, and in case you didn't hear...the beagle won Best in Show)

Here is an interesting new statistic about the United States and our obsession with furry canines courtesy of Big Heart Pet Brands . . . the company behind Milk-Bone and Pup-Peroni.

Residents of California absolutely adore dogs more than Montana...and we are really emphasizing LOVE here. The study reveals nearly how much people hug and kiss their doggy. New York is in 2nd place.

The ones who are LESS affectionate towards dogs are people who live in Nebraska. Others in Hawaii were the second least affectionate.

And when it comes to Montana? We are the 15th most affectionate to dogs.

(You can see the rankings for all 50 states' dog love here.)