Every single woman has about 1.4 guys trying to date her, according to a new study from PickUpMetrics.com. If the gal is super-hot, that number spikes to four guys trying to get her on a date.

The folks that compiled the numbers also found that the majority of women (73%) say the best way to get a hold of them after the first time you meet is via text. If you met a super-hot chick and you’re trying to play it cool, the two-day rule is the MAX you should be waiting to contact her.  PickUpMetrics.com says a woman will lose ALL interest after five days...  That drops to TWO days if she's really hot.

And finally guys, if you’re texting a lady, bad news is, you are probably not the only one. There could very well be another man rushing to the plate with you.

To see all the stats and why she might have even blown you off on the first date, or even what to do on the first date, click here.