Video games and Apple products always seem to be at the top of wish lists around the holidays but not this year. The hottest Christmas toys of 2014 include, The Max Tow Truck, the Imaginext Supernova Battle Rover, My Little Pony (of course), FurReal Friend, and Nurf Lines are all selling out at stores across the country. But there is one toy that is above all the rest and have parents scrambling to find. Disney's Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Playset!

With every little girl being in love with Ana and Elsa it shouldn't be a surprise, although the lengths at which parents are going to get these toys are incredible. Disney's Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Playset retails for $119, but can be found on eBay with people paying over $700! Since I don't have kids I just don't understand how you could spend this much over the retail price.

Have you ever overpaid for a toy or present? If so, what happened and what was the toy?