Okay so this is so cool... literally and figuratively! One of my best friend's parents live off of Linda Vista and their neighbors are doing the coolest thing!

They're building their very own ice rink right in their backyard! How fun is that?!

Apparently you have to be super dedicated to the project because it takes a lot of work. First you build the boarder of your rink, then you secure the bladder. Once the bladder is in place, you pay very close attention to the weather. When the weather is cold enough, you fill up your ice rink and you let it freeze!

Maintaining your ice rink is just as important as your initial setup! Every time it snows, my friend's neighbor is out there shoveling off his rink and making sure it's super smooth! I highly doubt a lot of people have a Zamboni just laying around! Haha

My friends neighbor even decorated the trees surrounding the rink with hundreds of twinkling lights! How romantic is that?! I'm totally obsessed and I'm going to have to sneak in a skate on this very special ice rink this winter! If only it would snow more!

Even though this process is a lot of work, your house will be the talk of the neighborhood!


Nicole Wren TSM