The Homegrown Radio Show has been airing Sunday nights on our station for the past few months and while we've received some excellent submissions from local Missoula artists thus far, let's admit it, the show is just on at a really inconvenient time. 10pm on a Sunday was just too late, right? We are so proud of our local talent that we've decided to integrate your music and interviews into the peak hour of the day instead.

Now, rather than having to tune in super late on a Sunday you can now set your clock for 4:20pm Monday-Friday for "Homegrown Radio" with your host Aaron Traylor. This way each and every day, Missoula music will be served up for your listening pleasure along with some occasional fun twists to make it interesting. Artist interviews, local music song battles, free tickets to local shows, just to name a few of the prime time advantages!

It's the "most listened to" hour on Zoo FM, and now it's your chance to be in the spotlight in front of the biggest audience we have.

We invite every artist, DJ and production company to submit their radio edited songs and mini-mixes (15 minutes max) to Do not send music with coarse language, we will not edit it for you and will discard your submission.

We are in search of the following-

  • Rappers
  • Bands
  • Electronic Dance Music producers
  • Singers
  • DJ's
  • Acoustic/Spoken Word
  • Touring acts that will be performing in the area

If you fall under any of those categories, we want to hear from you ASAP! It doesn't matter if you are a signed artist or someone who just wants to have their basement tracks finally heard. This is YOUR chance to finally be a star. Again, email your songs today to and we will hear you on the air weekdays at 4:20pm on 107.5 Zoo FM!