Normally I love not having any plans when starting a weekend. After running around all week I love to just throw a tennis ball in my back yard for my dog Koda, or possibly even cheer on my wife (Savannah) as she sings karaoke. None of that will happen this weekend. We have big plans, family is visiting from Seattle!

Savannah's parent's Tim and Sherry are easy going and always seem happy just looking around and seeing everything that our beautiful state has to offer. My two nieces are making the trip (Hailey and Scarlett) and guarantee to make this the best trip ever! These two girls cannot get enough FUN in their lives!

Luckily, this weekend there is something extra fun for my little nieces to enjoy at Caras Park! Dragon Hollow and the Carousel is turning into Haunted Hollow. It won't be enough to actually scare the kids, but definitely get them into the Halloween spirit!

The Haunted Hollow started last night and it's always a good time. I can't wait for my nieces to experience it for the first time! I'm sure they will love it.

See you there!