On November 30, the first Church of the Nazarene on 26th Avenue suffered a break-in. This is the fifth church in the Missoula area to be robbed in the past few weeks.

Public Information officer for the Missoula County Sheriff's office Jason Johnson says the thieves made off with some pretty unique items.

"It looks like they left a window unlocked intentionally from the inside and then back later, cut a screen out, and went through the window," explains Johnson. "They kicked in three doors valued at $200 each, and ransacked the place. They took a $100 bill out of the pastors desk.They took anywhere between $50 and $100 out of the offering plate. Interestingly, they took about 12 to 13 pounds of ground beef out of the freezer as well as ice cream bars and popsicles."

If you have any information regarding this theft, please contact the Missoula County Sheriff's office.