We try to be helpful, we try to fix things but the way we go about it is all wrong sometimes. In a new video put together from BuzzFeed it shows us guys the error of our ways. I didn't realize how annoying some of these things really are, and yes, I am horrible about doing so many of these things. Like when there is a problem with the computer, I just take the laptop and try to fix it myself instead of helping find a solution with my wife. You should check out the whole video to see the things that really annoy ladies.

Although on the flip side there are a tons of things that girls do to that annoy us guys. My #1 annoyance from my wife being the make up and hair supplies all over the bathroom sink area. We all have things that annoy us. What is the one thing your spouse or partner does that just grinds your gears?

Photo courtesy of Natasha Litova