The thought of finding out you have cancer is unfathomable, but finding out you have cancer just two weeks after your mother has beaten ovarian cancer is truly unfathomable. That unfortunately is what former Griz football player Cole Lockwood is dealing with right now.

Lockwood said he'd been experiencing severe back pain for several months, when he found a lump in his stomach. His doctors thought it was a large hernia, but after two ultrasounds and a CT scan, they discovered something much worse. They found a lump the size of a cantaloupe.

Cole is recovering from the surgery this week but is preparing to undergo treatment where he could lose his hair, become sick and weak, but he says " "I'm ready to lose my hair and get really sick because that's what it's going to take,". If you would like to help out Cole , who is not only making this public to help others but needs help himself. Find out how you can help Cole Lockwood here.