Will the Montana Grizzly - North Dakota State football be cancelled by the dense smoke from area wildfires? The chances are slim and none...and slim just left town.

Seriously, UM Associate Athletic Director of Internal operations Chuck Maes said on Tuesday that any change in the status of Saturday's contest would be a game-day decision, with input from coaches, athletic directors and university officials. He said the players are elite athletes who can compete in almost any conditions, but fans need to make their own decisions as to whether or not to come to the game.

"What I would say to the fans would be you need to look out for yourself," Maes said. "You need to look at the air quality and make the decision as to whether or not it is safe for you to come to the game. The smoke is not going to affect the athletes in the same was as, say, a 55 year-old person with a breathing disorder. Just be aware of your own personal limits and make your own decision."

Maes said all the construction in the area has been completed, so there will be no traffic delays, and a full complement of parking spaces for the game, however, university officials said the campus will be crowded with students moving into the dorms and attending the game.

Similar smoky conditions occurred in 2012 when the University of Montana hosted Liberty University during a strong fire season. That game was played as scheduled, wih the Grizzlies victorious by a score of 34-14.