You can tell when it is game day in Missoula. Everyone in town will "roll up the streets" and head to the stadium. We are GRIZ NATION, and we are loyal. The University of Montana Grizzlies have claimed another attendance record for the second year in a row. With an average of 24,139 fans showing up to each game in 2015. That means, over the course of the Griz's 7 home games last season, 168,975 butts filled the seats. That is almost 16% of the entire population of the Treasure State.

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When compared to the Football Bowl Subdivision, Montana drew more average attendance than over 34 percent of the 128 total FBS programs, including seven teams from the regionally comparative Mountain West Conference.
If the FCS and FBS average attendance lists were combined, the Grizzlies would rank just below Colorado State, who drew an average of 24,917 to their six home games last season, and just above New Mexico, who averaged 23,528 fans over the course of eight home games.

Griz Football 2016 kicks off September 3rd. Season tickets go on sale July 5th