Missoula is a rare gem, especially in the winter!

Now that it has snowed an excessive amount, you start to see more and more people struggle with daily tasks. For example, digging out your car from the snow.

This morning on my way to work, I drove past a girl on her hands and knees shoveling out snow from beneath her car. I was going to stop and help but then I saw a guy from across the street walk up to meet her with a helping shovel.

I don't know why I was so moved by this gesture because it has become such a commonplace action here in Missoula.

My best friend Amanda and her husband, Anthony, live two doors down from me and every morning after it snows, Anthony dusts off my car for me. How sweet is that? It literally makes my morning every time he does it!

People are constantly helping each other out here in Missoula. Whether it's hopping out of their car to help push a strangers vehicle into gear or shoveling a someones walkway. Whatever you need and wherever you are, there is always someone to help you out.

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