It's pretty mind blowing to think that Montana, the state that was close to dead last for DSL and 4G speed upgrades, is where Google would attempt to test their "next big thing". This new Google Glasses project has intrigued me since the moment I heard about it. How geeky (aka. cool) would it be to have a social streaming device baked right into a pair of fashionable eye glass frames? Send photos and text messages just by blinking, or talking into it's earpiece mic? I'm sold.

We still may have a while to wait as Google continues to iron the kinks out, and what better place to do some testing than the "Last Best Place?" Mashable posted an update on the search engines newest innovation claiming that this optical gadget was being tested on the roads of Montana. While traveling down what looks like 1-90 (who really knows..surely Google Maps) one of the beta testers sent a photo every 10 seconds to his Google+ account, essentially sharing a catalog of his travels in real time to his social profile.

I'm excited to see this device in real-life, but in the meantime it is super cool to hear that this new, possibly revolutionary gadget, made a brief appearance in our own backyard.

The real question is, would you wear or buy the new Google Glasses when they arrive in stores?