With wedding season comes lots of gift buying. How do you know what to get. Before I was married I would have answered that differently then I do now. After receiving wedding gifts that I have never used or just re-gifted, I am able to compile a list of the worst wedding gifts to give the lucky couple.

Sex or relationship books – This is a gift I totally used to give as a wedding gift before I was married. Now, I would never think of giving these books as gifts. The first year of marriage is the most blissful making these books completely unnecessary. Talk to the couple seven years later, and they may have a use for one or both of those types of books.

Items not on registry – I always thought that people telling you what to get them was rude and presumptuous. I never bought off of people’s registries. I thought that a gift chosen by me was much more personal and heart felt. However, now I would never buy anything that wasn’t on a couple’s registry. They register for the things they need for their new life together. Plus, the registry takes all the guess work out of what to get the couple, making it super easy for the gift giver.

Intimate items – This may seem like a funny gift, but it is kind of weird knowing that someone else picked out your underwear, or even knows what you’re wearing when you and your spouse make love. Nobody wants to ask their new husband, “Should I wear the nightie your grandma got me tonight or the one my mom got me?” This tends to kill the mood for some reason.

Re-gifted items – I know this seems like a great way to get rid of any gifts you received that you don’t want, but do try to resist doing this. That is, unless you don’t like the happy couple. Then, thank the Lord you can finally get rid of that thing that has been taking up so much space in your closet or pantry. However, if you want the happy couple to stay your friends, then please just pick something off their registry, wrap it up and place it on the gift table.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.