Recently I've kicked my workout routine into high gear! Thanks to my girl Rachel and my friends over at Ridge Fitness, I'm constantly working on my fitness!

But there's no way I'd be able to work out as hard or as long as I do without the supplements that my buddies over at Real Nutrition put me on.

They put me on supplement series called FoxyFit and I drink 1-2 FoxyFit protein shakes a day. The difference I'm seeing in my body and my overall health is night and day.

I can work out longer and harder. My recovery time is shorter and I wake up each day with more energy than I did the day before! It's seriously the best.

The best part about working with my friends over at Real Nutrition is that they are so knowledgeable about all their products. If you're not getting the results that you want, they'll work with you until you find something that fits your lifestyle. The environment is great and the results are even better.

So make sure you start putting yourself first in the new year and hit up my friends over at Real Nutrition off of Reserve St. and next to Sleep City or visit them online at!


Nicole Wren TSM