Gabrielle Renee Broere's Instagram photo was 'liked' over 1,000,000 times, and the story behind it goes much deeper than just the picture itself.

The University of Montana college student, who recently studied abroad in Greece , simply wanted to check an item off of her bucket list. She wanted to go swimming. An easy task for some that might take life's little pleasures for granted, but due to her condition she wasn't able to have such luxuries.

At the age of one year old, Gabrielle was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. And due to her condition she is only able to walk in short distances, often aided with crutches and a wheelchair.

And yet, with just a little help from her friends, not only was she able to feel the sensation of water and sand between her toes, but soon after was catapulted into worldwide fame with a powerful message to share.

Gabrielle joined us in the studio to share her story behind Missoula's most shared Instagram photo.