Pastor Levi Lusko will speak on Easter morning, March 31st at the new Fresh Life Church campus located on Broadway avenue alongside special guests The City Harmonic.

Lusko said, "I have never been so excited in all my life to celebrate the resurrection as I
am this year." Just before Christmas, Lusko's five-year-old daughter Lenya died from a
sudden asthma attack. "The grave is brutal, but the good news is that death has been
defeated by Jesus Christ," he said. "This subject is raw since Lenya went to heaven,
there are tears in my eyes, but peace in my heart. I am determined to tell everyone I
can about this truth."

Expect an exciting worship experience fueled by an energetic worship team and visual entertainment to drive the messages home.

As extra incentive to assist our community, Fresh Life Easter will also host a local food drive to benefit the Missoula Food Bank. Please bring any non-perishable items to the event for donation.

The Fresh Life Missoula Easter worship experience will be held on Sunday, March 31 at
10 a.m. with doors opening at 9:30 a.m. Early arrival is highly encouraged. This is a
family worship experience and all are welcome to attend. For more information please
call Fresh Life Church at 406.257.3339 or email