The latest Gallup just dropped the results of its yearly poll on the HAPPIEST states in the U.S.  And for four years in a row, one of the happiest states is . . . the "Big Sky Country".

Montana had yet again made the list with the highest score on Gallup's "well-being index," which measures happiness by asking people to rate things like their emotional health, work environment, physical health, and overall life experience.

The top 10 happiest states are:  Hawaii, Colorado, Minnesota, Utah, Vermont, Nebraska, Montana, New Hampshire, Iowa, and Massachusetts. On the other end of the scale, ALSO for the fourth year in a row, West Virginia was the least happy state in the U.S.

The bottom 10 states are:  West Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana . . . and a three-way tie for 10th between South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Nevada.

(--You can see the rankings for every state here.)