This is just my own personal opinion, but after yesterday, I wish fireworks were only legal for detonation on the Fourth of July and New Years Eve. There are two main reasons that I want this to happen. The one issue I have, which is my biggest concern is for my dog Koda. I will say I have one dog (Gypsy) that is fine around fireworks, but Koda is absolutely terrified. When our neighbors started lighting off fireworks on July 2nd, I noticed that Koda was shaking. He was laying down with his legs fully extended and his heart was beating out of his chest. I never want to see any person or animal that scared. It was truly heartbreaking.

The other reason I think fireworks should only be detonated on the Fourth of July and New Years Eve is due to veterans dealing with PTSD. Over the weekend I heard about my wife's co-worker who is a veteran and how how those loud fireworks really increase his symptoms of PTSD. Nothing that I have ever experienced, but we should be thinking about the people who have served so we can enjoy freedom's like lighting off fireworks.

Let's also remember there were over 450+ 911-calls made yesterday in Missoula County. As a kid lighting off fireworks were so exciting, but now I see them just as a pain. What do you think about limiting fireworks to just two days a year?


    Beautiful Big Sky View of Frenchtown!