Photo by Angel

I was recently talking to a coworker about wearing her flipflops year round, no matter the weather, and she said "I'm so Missoula that I wear my flipflops year round." So I wonder, what makes YOU so Missoula? I asked a few locals and here's what they said.

"I'm so Missoula that..."

  • I had a manbun before it was cool to have a manbun.
  • I will pay to see live music, no matter who the band is.
  • I have been in the river and snowboarded on the same day.
  • I have been fired for skipping work to go fishin'.
  • I claim to be from here, even though I wasn't born here.
  • I've participated in a drum circle. (Followed by "my name's not going to be on this, right?"
  • in my car, I use my heater in the morning and my AC after work.
  • I hike the M on my lunch break.
  • I have several Montana Grizzlies tattoos.
  • I will take any other route to avoid Reserve street.
  • even in winter my bike is still my main source of transportation.
  • I drive a truck and wear a cowboy hat but I listen to gansta rap.

How would you finish the sentence?