Big guys have even bigger hearts, and the towering Marcus Rosser is no exception.

The former power forward/center basketball player for the 2001-2003 University of Montana Grizzlies is on a mission to pay back the rewards he had been blessed with during his years representing our hometown team by coaching for Missoula's very own Special Olympics basketball team.

"That's what it's all about, giving back what you've learned from somebody else and passing it down." Marcus said humbly during today's studio interview. "I just want to give my talents and share it with the one's who really need it and loves to play the game. It's in my heart and it's my passion, so it's a no brainer to give back"

A few years away from the spotlight has proven that his desire for the sport will never quite go away, which is why he enjoys coaching a team of young kids with autism and other unfortunate disabilities every Thursday the local YMCA. But everything comes with a price, and making a trip to Great Falls for the upcoming state tournament in November will not be cheap. "I want to get the community involved to help us. We are looking for sponsors for rooms, travel, food and gas, and we would gladly appreciate any help that we can get."

Hear the interview:

Fund raising is not an easy task. We realize it seems like everyday someone is asking for a hand out but we are hoping this can strike a chord in the hearts of perhaps sports enthusiasts or parents of children with disabilities themselves. These young children don't often have a chance to travel or be with like minded kids that share a common goal, and to see that Marcus is bringing them together to form an atmosphere of positive team unity then I can't see anyone would not want to help.

Reach out to Marcus by calling 406-552-2990 or emailing him at