We here at Zoo FM are always in search of a Montana connection inside the latest trending stories, and today we stumbled across a truly interesting one involving 'Star Wars' and the Big Sky state. 

Recently we learned that those furry, loveable Ewoks from 'Return of the Jedi' might be appearing in the upcoming 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens', but not before they were spotted going horseback riding in Montana state!

On the website RetroStarWars, a picture was shared that has very little information to go along with it. All the title reads is "Ewok cowboys in Montana", which leads us to the conclusion that the photo had to have been taken in our own backyard. But we can only assume, right? Still, the rolling tan hills and smog-free skies in the background certainly do resemble Montana. And those certainly are Ewoks, along with what appears to be an X-Wing pilot...and a very young Luke Skywalker?

We wish we knew more about the story behind the picture (anyone?), but it is a pretty cool thing to share nonetheless. Definitely a little something to tide us over until 'The Force Awakens' arrives on December 18th in Montana and across the galaxy.

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