18,000 Missoulians were without power on Monday night and some continue to be without today. Following the storm last night which produced category 1 Hurricane winds, here are some reminders from NorthWestern Energy. 

Downed power lines: 
"NorthWestern Energy cares about your safety and reminds you to always stay away from downed power lines. If you see a downed line, call us and report it right away. NorthWestern Energy reminds you to never touch a downed power line. Contact with an energized line can cause serious injury or death. If you see a downed line, call NorthWestern Energy and report it immediately."

When dealing with outages:

"NorthWestern Energy reminds you, in times of bad weather, to keep a battery-operated radio on hand so you can stay informed of weather reports and important announcements.  NorthWestern Energy urges you to use these life-saving tips if you experience a power outage: call us right away; use a flashlight to see, not a candle to reduce the fire hazard; keep the refrigerator and freezer doors closed and never use a grill or gas range to heat your home."

Be patient and safe out there as there are still downed power lines in the areas of the city.