According to Missoula Elks Lodge employees, an alleged fight occurred outside their establishment during the Planet Of The Apes Tour last Saturday resulting in the death of a 40 year old Spokane man.  Brock Eggelston, event manager at the Elks says that police are still gathering evidence to pinpoint exactly how it happened and who was involved. Their next step will be to review the Elks security cameras for clues and interview people possibly related to the situation.

Clayton DeVoe, Exalted Ruler for the Elks Lodge said the man was not served alcohol that night in his establishment and was refused service by their bartender because he was drinking earlier in the evening elsewhere. After the next days security briefing, DeVoe learned that the situation stemmed "over a girl" and the rumored fight happened so fast that no one was able to witness exactly how it occurred. The victim reportedly struck his head on the concrete outside the club around 12:10 AM and suffered major head trauma. He was pronounced dead by the AP Newswire today at 11:01am.

The Elks had a full security staff that night that "constantly did the rounds throughout the venue to ensure safety, like they always do" and "has had the promoters of this particular event in the establishment three other times without any issues." Clayton ensures the community that the Elks Lodge is still one of the "safest places for underage events" (the event was 18 and up) and prides his venue on being complimented by the Missoula Police Department for it's safety measures on many occasions.

Javan "Young Jay" Jordan from the Spokane Gorilla Goon Squad, promoters of the event, sent a message out on Facebook concerning the mans death:

"We Send our Biggest Condolences to the Family of (name withheld) who tragically lost his life last night in a (alleged) unnecessary act of Violence at our Concert in Missoula, Mt Last Night... Violence is Never the Answer! We Do This So Everyone Can Get Together and Enjoy Themselves!"

After hearing that certain people were starting to target rap music and hip hop concerts for the occurrence,  DeVoe, Jordan plus other senior members of the Elks stand firm in their belief that the incident had nothing to do with the style of music that had been performed that night. "Again, we've had little to no trouble with these particular promoters before and this could have happened anywhere, at any other time." DeVoe concludes, "Situations where people come together, no matter it being a rap show or a baseball game, in large groups you always run the risk of tragic situations like this."