An elderly man drove his vehicle through the storefront window of JoAnn Fabrics in Holiday Village just before noon on Tuesday, February 11.

Missoula Police department Public Information Officer Travis Welsh said the call came into 9-1-1 just before noon.

"Police officers responded to the report of a  vehicle that had actually driven into a store, Jo Ann Fabrics, in Holiday Village," Welsh said. "It was determined that an elderly male had been attempting to park in one of the spots in front of the building, and he inadvertently stepped on the accelerator rather than the brake and drove up over the sidewalk and actually into the building."

Welsh said no one was injured in the incident.

"Fortunately, he was not seriously hurt," Welsh said. "He was checked out by EMS before being released, and nobody inside the building was harmed."

The storefront was badly damaged in the incident.

Missoula Police Department Public Information Officer Travis Welsh