I was having breakfast Sunday morning. It was after a quick run, so I was by myself at a Dennys. The next table over were 4 women probably in their early 30's. One woman was mad, because on Saturday her husband blew off going to church, a family BBQ, and fixing a few things around the home.

He stayed on the couch watching COLLEGE FOOTBALL. He didn't care about anything and he blew off the whole day because he loves college football. She asked the other women if she should talk to him and tell him how she feels or if she should give him the silent treatment.

The other women were upset for her and said he was a jerk and a dick. BUT, I'm at the next table just shaking my head because, HEY it's the weekend, leave the dude alone. I had to leave, so I didn't hear the final decision, but I walked out of the restaurant knowing I was going to at least tell you about it.

Question: What have you overheard from the next table over?