A listener called to inform Zoo FM that her two hundred dollar layaway was paid off by a nameless shopper today "dressed as the Easter Bunny".

"My daughter had just moved up here to Missoula from California where she had no money, and barely a place to stay," said Traci Duran Schilling. "She was living on my floor for the past few weeks." While putting some items on hold three weeks ago at the local K-Mart to help get her daughter's life started again, Traci was thrilled to find today that the items were "all but one penny paid off". 

If you recall, this Good Samaritan gesture happened last Christmas at the same location where Santa stopped through to pay off some local shopper debts. Could this be the same person? If so, we can't help but be all the more excited for the holidays in our city!

According to the K-Mart store manager, other layaway items have been paid off and that it might be best to call the layaway department at (406) 251-5103 to see if perhaps your purchases have been taken care of as well.

Here's an interview with the store manager:

Let us know if yours were paid off in the comment section below.

Happy Easter!