Here's the bad news: Slash, the Missoula Maulers mascot is going through an identity crisis. The (parents, click on another page if you child is reading this) person who was once inside the infamous costume is retiring after a long stretch of dedication and entertainment.

The good news: Slash will live on in the form of another energetic entity that will hopefully fill his enormous furry feet. The local hockey team is putting out a search and audition request for anyone over six feet in the Missoula area. The person must also have a passion for the sport, and a love for making kids smile. Now someone is taking a stab at becoming the official mascot, but there is a catch.

According to Kirsta Savage, his boyfriend is throwing his name into the ice rink, if, and only if, he gets 300 likes on Facebook.

You think Mike is a good choice? Why not! C'mon, let's give this kid a like so we can see one of our favorite mascots back in the game again. Hit this link (add her as a friend if you haven't) and click "like" to support a local man's quest to root on the Maulers as Slash the mascot.