I read Bob Wire's blog a while back about getting scammed into a vacuum demo, but was a little skeptical until a good friend of mine experienced the EXACT same thing last week. In a nutshell, here's the skinny on the vacuum scam: You are told at the checkout of your favorite grocery store that you are the weekly winner and you have won free carpet cleaning. Your carpets have seen brighter days and could use a good deep cleaning. Sounds awesome, right? Wrong! What you really 'won' was an appointment for a vacuum salesmen to come to your house, clean a room and then try to sell you this magical vacuum. The worst part isn't the free cleaning or even the heavy sales pitch, no, the worst part is watching the the poor guy clean the vacuum so it's good as new for the next demonstration after you said "no" for the 14th time. If someone tells you that you've won free carpet cleaning, tell 'em you'll pass. You're welcome. :-D