It was good to see Dogpound owner and coach Matt Powers back on his feet again.

It's been a depressing few weeks for this highly respected fight mentor and local event promoter as he had to undergo multiple surgeries and as a result had to hang up his boxing gloves, and shut down all training and practices at the Dogpound facility for a minimum of four weeks. This was uncommon for Powers, a man who has not had a day off in all the years I've known him. But now the gentleman behind the most well-known fight team and biggest annual outdoor festival in the entire state is back and 2012 is going to be his biggest, if not his busiest year to date.

A new Dogpound facility is up and running on Reserve street at a new location where he has a handful of coaches teaching a variety of fighting styles, and Matt is already back on the streets helping promote related events for the young and old. And of course, the not-so-related events for the liver destroying party animals:

-The Rocky Mountain Classic Wrestling Tournament is scheduled for January 13th and 14th featuring 27 teams from all over the Pacific Northwest and are scheduled to take to the mat at Sentinel High School that weekend. While this isn't his own event, Matt says he's still seriously impressed with the way the local coaches  and school facilitates this annual event and highly recommends all wrestling fans to attend.

-MMA fights at The Adams Center March 3rd It's been way too long, nearly 5 months since the last MMA fights in Missoula, and Powers and other area fight teams are helping put together an impressive roster of fighters for this anticipated event.

-The 30th Annual Testicle Festival is coming in August and while very few know that the Dogpound Fight Team leader is also the main organizer of this world famous event he's well aware that three decades of absolute craziness is a lot to live up to. Powers promises that this years Testy Fest milestone will not disappoint.

Welcome back, Dogpound..

2012 will be your best year yet.