Think your man (or woman) is two-timing you? There's an app to find out for sure. Interested or outraged? There are lots of choices on these controversial apps that range from a free download, to a price tag of $3.99.

However, one specific app has been getting quite the press lately. It's called the 'Boyfriend Tracker'. Its creator, Brazilian 24 year old Matheus Grijo says, he and his girlfriend came up with the app as a joke. In an interview with he says the icon has to be downloaded on the suspected cheater's phone and then it's invisible. 

Grijo’s “Boyfriend Tracker” lets users obtain a call history, receive any incoming or outgoing text messages, identify a partner’s location on a map using GPS, and can turn on the phone to listen in to the surrounding environment. The app also lets users know when a phone is turned off or set to Airplane Mode. The app has to be downloaded on the intended individual phone, with their consent according to Grijo. The individual can then text message codes to turn on the various tracking options.

You can read the entire article here. Would you try one? Or do you think a relationship is too far gone if you have to secretly install an app like this on your lover's phone?