DJ Khaled is proving once again why he's been dubbed the "Tony Robbins" of hip-hop with his new gig as the Chief Financial Correspondent for Chelsea Handler's Netflix show, Chelsea.

Handler called the animated hip-hop entrepreneur and Snap Chat king a "key addition" to her show. Khaled's first assignment was sitting down with Dr. Jeremy Office, a financial adviser, and the two talked about who to do business with and why it's important to have a work-life balance.

"Is it true that money don't sleep?" Khaled asks early in the interview.

"Money never sleeps," Office answers.

"I like that," a straight-faced Khaled responds.

They also chatted about 401Ks, bonds, retirement and the wonders of candles and flowers for increasing positive energy. Although Khaled was pretty hilarious in the segment, the clip actually had some sound financial info about investing and building a solid financial future.

It's hard to think of anyone having a better 2016 than DJ Khaled right now. He's landed a gig on Beyonce's "Formation" Tour and inked a new deal with Epic Records. With the deal, the Miami producer will drop his ninth project, Major Key, later this year. And it was announced earlier this month that his fiancee, Nicole Turk, is pregnant with their first child together.

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