DIRECTV in Missoula, Montana is one of our cities largest employers. And while this local customer support call center might be great for our local economy, as a result, it hires hundreds of employees who may simply get lost in the shuffle. Face it. It's hard to join the work force in such a competitive environment when you have so many co-workers that are vying for the attention of their superiors. We are certain that everyone who works at DIRECTV is a valued entity and is compensated well for their hard work. But who, in YOUR opinion, deserves to get recognized, and rewarded?

It is our goal to make sure this grabs the attention of senior officials at this DIRECTV, as well as everyone who works there. Who knows? With a little help from the community and our readers, someone there will rise to the top and snag just a little more money, and possibly a promotion. That's right, we are calling you out, DIRECTV management! We hate to put the pressure on, but we simply want to reward one of your employees with something even more substantial than just a modest paycheck. That is why we are publishing this poll:


  1. Submit the first and last name of an employee that currently works at DIRECTV. (Sorry, you can't nominate yourself. But you can always get your friends to help you out.)
  2. Explain in a few sentences why this person should receive the recognition.
  3. On March 11th, we will announce the employee who we feel deserves the honors based on either the amount of votes and/or the story you share with us.
  4. We will submit the winner to upper-management at DIRECTV for consideration. Keep in mind, that there is no promise that they will deliver upon our request, but it certainly won't hurt to get the name of one of their valued employees in front of superiors.

We wish the best of luck to all of the employees! Here's to hoping that we can keep this poll fair and honest, and please don't allow this to fun contest to stir up any animosity towards others in the work place. We just want to make someone's day just a little brighter at DIRECTV in Missoula.