Please be on the lookout for a large Dino that apparently “walked away” from his spot on the hill overlooking Interstate 90 at the Crossroads Travel Center west of Missoula. He has been missing since the morning of June 21st and has not returned home, nor have any ransom demands been received. Dino is fiberglass and green in color. He stands approximately 6 feet tall and is 12 feet long. If you have any information or know of his current whereabouts, please contact the Hi-Noon office at 406-532-0384. This iconic Dino means a lot to the Hi-Noon family and we are offering a $250 Noon’s gas card for his speedy recovery.

Sinclair’s famous trademark dinosaur made its debut at the Chicago State Fair in 1934 when Sinclair sponsored a dinosaur exhibit to point out the correlation between the formation of petroleum deposits and the Age of Dinosaurs. The Sinclair Dino has been an icon for more than 75 years, and its popularity amongst the public remains to this day. Comments from marketing director Earl Allen can be heard by clicking below.

Hi-Noon Petroleum Director Earl Allen